Page 8 - November 2021 Issue Hustle Mama Magazine
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 What was your life like growing up for you? What type of family did you have?
Life for me growing up seemed very fun. I was a very extroverted but introverted little girl. I made friends everywhere I went. I could spark up conversations and vibe with just about anyone I met. As I grew older, attended school, things became a little rough for me. I began to experience bullying like never before, and I could not grasp the concept of why people would want to pick on someone so nice, loving, and friendly. I began noticing a change within myself. I stopped not liking people so much. I became very insecure with myself and the things that people made fun of, such as my hair, skin, body type, and teeth.
I grew up in a household with a non-American mother, so I was unsure if she truly understood what I was going through or if she could even comprehend it. When I told her about these things, she would ask me to ignore them, or if it was a boy, he was doing that because he liked me. Little did she know it was not just one boy or one girl; it was many different people. I began to blame myself for all the things my peers did to me physically and said to me verbally. I felt that because I was born a dark skin, slim, tall girl with a considerable gap (which I was told was not appealing), that I deserved it. So, I let it continue.
I grew up with just my mother until she met her husband while I was in elementary school. My mother having a husband did not change much because nothing changed how people treated me in school.
There was not much action taken from my household about being bullied in school other than transferring me to another school, hoping that it would stop. When it continued, I was convinced that the problem was not the other kids; the problem was me.
This was the point when I thought about taking my own life because I felt I didn’t deserve to be here. I believed I was constantly giving people a reason to pick on me physically, verbally, and mentally. I was not too fond of school, and I have no yearbook pictures, senior pictures, graduation pictures to look back on.

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