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 When you go to any store, if you look for something yummy in the outside isles it’s more likely to be fresh and not processed. This is the best way to find your ingredients for your dessert. Think berries and cream, or a cobbler with oat crumble or chocolate-covered apples.
Some communities have organizations that distribute local produce that would otherwise be thrown away because it’s unattractive. For example, in Tucson, Arizona, they have which distributes with volunteers all the food that would otherwise be tossed out, and it's very inexpensive. You get 60 pounds a week in Tucson, AZ for only 12 bucks with no subscription - just first come first serve.
When you heat things, you are obviously using extra energy, and when you cook for Thanksgiving, you likely must cook not just that day but a week before the big day. If you can find some delicious no-cook options, you can cut down on the cooking and the energy used to cook.
While Thanksgiving is all about traditions, you can also make your own. You don’t have to stick to traditions that you don’t want to do anymore. You can make it a new thing to be eco-friendly and think about your impact on the environment - even at Thanksgiving.
Whatever you are cooking, if you can make it homemade, it’s going to be better for you and eco- friendlier automatically. If you think you cannot cook, consider again whether that’s true. If you use very simple recipes, you can do it.
The thing to remember about Thanksgiving is that it’s all about being thankful for what you have, helping others fill in the gaps of what they need, and doing your best to take care of your little section of the Earth.
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