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  Nothing has to be matchy-matchy for your table decorations, so if you have a mix of dishes, just spread them around to balance out the textures and colors on the table. No one is going to think much about the dishes once they put the food on them.
If you want something new that is also reusable, this eco-friendly bamboo set is for you. They are FDA- approved BBA-free and are easy to clean and reuse. An important thing to note is tha you cannot put them in the freezer, and they are not microwave safe.
These come in different colors, are reusable, and are made from eco-friendly natural wheat straw. There are no toxins in these plates, and no one will know it’s not plastic. They are also dishwasher safe. They are light, sturdy, and durable for your Thanksgiving holiday.
The main thing to remember is that you don’t need to get everything new and everything doesn’t have to match. You can set a beautiful table with unmatching dishes by adding attractive natural decorations such as fruits, sticks, pinecones, and leaves from outside inside and spreading the different dishes around. Plus, you can feel good about not adding problems to the environment and doing your part to make your carbon footprint smaller.
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