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 Be Honest
A lot more women than ever before prefer the single lifestyle. Working women who are financially independent take relationship choices on their own accord and are in no need of financial protection, as women in the past would be. If, however, you do date, it is necessary that you be upfront about the kind of person you are, what they can expect from you in the future, and how you should manage things.
It is important to let your partner know the kind of person you are and what really is important to you right now and in the future. Your life partner needs to be able to accept you for who you are and what you do. You shouldn’t have to hide your success, your ambitions, and the kind of life you want in the future with them.
Everyone’s Money Should Matter
Regardless of who is earning what, it is important that both partners value the contributions they make in the relationship. This includes agreeing on how you share bills, how you allocate responsibilities and so on and so forth. Everyone’s money should matter and both partners should be equally responsible for splitting costs and money.
If there is a significant difference between what you earn and what your partner does, there should be a mutual consensus on how you save and go about the future. One partner should take up the responsibility of saving for the future, funding vacations and taking the bulk of daily expenses, while the other could look after school fees or daycare charges.
Collaborate on Financial Matters
When they are primary breadwinners, women are twice as likely to have the final say in the decision-making process of their families. However, financial collaboration is necessary as it ensures that each partner is equally contributing to the case.
Relationships tend to work best when both partners are involved in sharing the financial burden and are equally invested in the relationship. Financial collaboration can help achieve these motives:
It kills feelings of resentment, where you feel you’re burdening a lot of pressure. It creates decent role models for your children.
It encourages equal participation among both members.
It focuses on shared and individual financial goals.
Respect the Male Brain
Men typically associate their typical gender role of being the provider with a distinct sense of self-worth and accomplishment. If you are the primary breadwinner in a family, you should recognize and respect the male ego and the sense of fulfillment they get from providing to the relationship.
This could come through support or just through direct and social appreciation of their contributions. You should encourage your male partner in financial decision-making to help develop self esteem and encourage personality needs.
As a working woman, it is necessary that you go beyond the limiting stereotypes and dynamics of relationships to help build yourself up for the future. Fall in love and enjoy.

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