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 Falling in love is easy, but building and maintaining a successful relationship can be difficult – regardless of the notions that Hollywood sells to us; life is not a Hallmark movie. Everything worth having comes at a cost, which is why relationships and matters of the heart require constant attention and efforts to succeed.
There is no instruction manual when it comes to relationships and romance. As much as we wish people would come with authentic manuals about potential threats, possible flaws, and strong points mentioned in bold, love is a leap of faith at the end of the day. An old-school playground mantra defines progression in relationships through a rhythmic chorus of: ‘first comes love, then comes marriage, then comes so and so and a baby carriage’. However, it isn’t this simple. Even the merriment of the chorus best describes the complications of love as ‘so and so’. Every relationship, like every individual, is unique in its own way and requires a personalized strategy.
Working women would know that trajectories have changed, and the typical roles assigned to participants in a relationship are fast evolving. In this article, we take you through relationship tips for working women and how they can manage love and life in a single boat.
Script Your Own Stories
As an independent woman, it is time you stopped going for what society deems best for you and scripted your own stories. The best place to learn how to do so is to script your own stories in consideration of your own values. If you value family priorities, the best choices for you should be to support your family and let them know of your choices.
What is fundamentally important and necessary to you should definitely trickle down to whom you pick as a partner as well. Since you’ll live together, you will have to determine just how much of your finances go to your blood relatives and how much is invested into the financially secure future you build for yourself.
Enjoy the Euphoric Phase
A Working Woman’s Guide to Navigating through Love and Romance
So many working women have their guard up when it comes to relationships today that they do not enjoy the euphoric phrase that comes at the start of most relationships. Call it the honeymoon period, but when you are falling in love, there are periods where the other person becomes the center of your life and you forget everything else. As gullible as it may sound to you right now, there is no feeling better than falling for someone.
Scientists have researched and revealed that the euphoria of new love releases more dopamine in our brain than anything else. Don’t stop yourself from enjoying the euphoria of love.

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