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 10 Energy-Saving
Tips at Thanksgiving
It’s not that hard to save energy all year long and even at Thanksgiving when you have a full house. Here are twelve tips that are easy to implement.
1. Install Dimmer Switches – Any room you and your guests will spend time in is an excellent choice to install a dimmer switch. Setting the lighting lower and giving it a good, loving feeling will make everyone happy and calm.
2. Plan Your Meal to Cook More Than One Thing at a Time – Before you even start, figure out everything you plan to cook. Organize their cook times accordingly. You will want to try to cook as much as you can fit in your oven at one time to avoid wasting energy.
3. Lower Your Thermostat – If you plan to have more people over for Thanksgiving than you usually have in your home - even if you live in a colder area, lowering your thermostat a few hours before everyone arrives is going to help. Besides, all the warm bodies will make up for it. Try setting it between 65 and 68.
4. Use Convection Settings on Your Oven – Your convection oven (if you have one) cooks faster and more evenly, with less energy. Anything you can cook using it is better than using a regular oven. Plus, the food tastes good that way.
5. Wash Dishes in the Dishwasher – If you have a dishwasher, it uses less energy to wash dishes this way when the dishwasher is fully loaded compared to washing dishes in a sink. And yes, it uses less energy than producing and making and disposing of throwaway items.
6. Use Your Microwave – Your microwave uses far less energy than your stovetop or oven, so it’s a good thing to use for things that work in it. For example, veggies that need to be heated are great for microwave cooking.
7. Cook in Ceramic and Glass – Ceramic and glass serving dishes and bowls retain heat better, and things cook at a lower temperature - thus using less energy.
8. Use Lids to Keep in Heat – When cooking, cook most things with lids on the pots because everything will cook faster when the heat is kept inside the pot. Keeping the tops on pots is incredibly efficient for those things you need to boil.
9. Set Up a Soaking Station for Dirty Tableware – If you’re using dishes that you will wash in the dishwasher, this is primarily an energy-saving tip for you. Set up a soak station someplace with water in a pan and ask people to scrape their plates in a trash can and then soak their dishes. That way, you can put them right in the dishwasher, and nothing will stick.
10. Keep the Fridge Door Closed – When you are cooking a lot and eating a lot, your fridge door will naturally get a workout. However, be sure to plan the opening and closing of the fridge during cooking time to ensure you use less energy and keep the food cold enough. Let food cool before putting it in the fridge too to avoid heating the inside.

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