Page 26 - November 2021 Issue Hustle Mama Magazine
P. 26

 Infographics have grown in popularity over the years. Not only does it convey information in an easy-to-digest format, but it’s also much easier to share on social media. However, creating infographics can be quite costly if you don’t know how to design graphics yourself. But in the end, the benefits (traffic and backlinking opportunities) will more than outweigh the cost.
While visual formats are extremely popular, there’s no denying that eBooks are here to stay. Some people may not like to read lengthy eBooks, but if you provide plenty of value in your eBook, people will be willing to read it from cover to cover. The best thing is, you don’t even need to write your eBook from scratch. Package your posts or articles on the same topic, edit them to make sure the content flows well, create an attractive eBook cover, and your eBook is ready for download!

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