Page 15 - November 2021 Issue Hustle Mama Magazine
P. 15

  If there’s one thing you could change about your past, what would it be?
I thought long and hard about this question. If there were one thing I could change, it would have been not allowing kids to bully me. I would have fought them back and stood firm in what I believed about myself before letting my peers persuade me to think I was not the perfect human being because I WAS!!
What advice do you have for young ladies (teens to young adults) growing up in today’s world with so much influence in the entertainment industry that is not always supportive of their best interest? What advice would you give to young men?
Find you some good mentors and role models who you have access to that you can speak with daily about any issue you may have. Find men and women you can be open to and be vulnerable.
Trust your intuition (The God in You) and never go against it because when you do, your consequences for not listening and trusting are right around the corner.
Being in the public eye is not without its consequences. How difficult is it to maintain excellent relationships (with girlfriends/boyfriends, childhood friends, family, and significant others)?
I will say that when you are known publicly, you have to understand that everyone who is in your life or tries to come into your life will not always have your best interest at heart. Many will not like you nor desire to see you succeed. Some will even try to talk you out of your vision, your dreams, and your goals.
There will be people who will try to block your blessings. So as I mentioned earlier, it is always best to move in silence because not everyone wants the best for you. The only issue I have come across are friends, who, in the end, were not my friends because they did not want to see me win.

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