Page 14 - November 2021 Issue Hustle Mama Magazine
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 What are some things you do to wind down and relax after preparing for and participating in grueling
events and projects?
I like to practice yoga, journal, take some time to myself. After putting my son to sleep, I enjoy a long bubble bath, enjoy a glass of wine, and take a little walk in nature.
What are do you do just for fun?
I enjoy skating, creating content for brands, yoga, binge-watching Netflix shows, traveling, and window shop for home decor.
What is the one thing you want people to remember most about you and your work?
I am passionate about bald women loving themselves more without the need for hair. I want others to remember that I wish mothers to care more for themselves because they deserve it. I find so much joy in watching women give themselves the love they deserve. I am a true self-
 care enthusiast, and importantly, I love my unconditionally and want nothing but the best for him.
What is the one dream for yourself you most look
forward to having come true?
It is building a solid team for the Bald Boss Movement. I dream of traveling the world, putting together major events that bring bald women together from all walks of life and leaving a memorable impact on these women that changes their lives for the better.
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