Page 13 - November 2021 Issue Hustle Mama Magazine
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 What is it about this that makes you do what you do?
What drives me is that I did not love myself at one point because of how people treated me and how I looked. What drives me is how I see so many women depend on hair to look and feel their best self, and without it, they feel less than, unattractive, and not enough. Though I walk a different path from women who did not choose to go Bald, I know it is like to look in the mirror and hate what you see. To see something you cannot change, such as being a dark skin woman and learning how to #WalkWithConfidence and love me just as I am.
Would you consider yourself a driven person? What makes you a powerhouse? What is the source of your strength?
Of course, I am driven. My dreams, my desires, my goals, my family drives me to get things done. What makes me a powerhouse knows WHO I AM, tapping into the God in me and allowing myself to be led by God. I am true to myself, regardless of who likes it, and I am confident in my capabilities.
My new source of strength since turning 30 years old is my 2-year-old son. I can be tired as hell and struggle to stay awake at work from work. But as soon as I pick up my son and we are at home, a burst of energy comes from nowhere. I can care for my son, my home, and myself.
How difficult is it to maintain a work-life balance? What measures do you take to ensure that you have it?
Work-life balance can be difficult for sure when you are a single mother.
To ensure I have a work-life balance, I do not overwork myself. I do my best to balance out my work life, life as an entrepreneur, and life as a mother.
As crazy as it may sound, we all need a break. Sometimes you need a break from work, a break from your children, a moment to yourself. And no mother should ever feel bad for needing that.

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